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Preparing for severe weather is a global challenge, but it’s first and foremost a local issue. As such, there’s an imperative to prepare communities for stronger and more frequent natural disasters. But the thing is, not all steps to prepare are equal. Sometimes it’s just a matter of making sure you have a torch in reach when the lights go out!

The great news is, there are a long list of organisations rallying to help people prepare for and respond to emergency situations by helping them become more connected and resilient. From a practical emergency app, to voluntary fire units, there are communities already preparing!

This month’s Maverick is Jacqui Pringle from Red Cross Emergency Services. We interviewed her about the new app Red Cross and IAG co-developed – Get Prepared – a tool that was essentially created by the community for the community to assist them in preparing and dealing with emergency situations. You can read the full interview here.

Got a great idea, or have a preparedness program building resilience in your local community already in swing? You can add it to our database.

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