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Events, get togethers and programs that get people together around teaching, learning or volunteering a skill.

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Team Colyton is a group of people working together to improve neighbourhood wellbeing in Colyton.
Team Colyton fosters collaborative relationships between residents, businesses, and community initiatives in our local neighbourhood. We aim to empower our community, and to drive positive change and social inclusion in Colyton.

A safety campaign to reduce drownings amongst newly arrived Australians by increasing understanding and awareness of the ocean.

Family by Family is a network of families helping other families make the changes they want to make in their lives.  It’s an evidence informed program that recruits, trains and coaches families (Sharing Families) who have been through tough times to support families (Seeking Families) going through tough times.

Guide people through the process of getting their drivers licence.

Online platform where you can rent what you own, to reduce waste and excessive consumption.

People who share the same laneway get together around activities in the lane, such as tool sharing, food swap, clothes swap, tips and ideas, exchange, sharing.

Want to know what an employer looks for? See the top employability skills that employers value and help improve your job skills before an interview.

Good Shepherd Microfinance (GSM) has been appointed by the Federal Government, to develop a Financial Inclusion Action Plan program, aligned with the G20 Financial Inclusion Action Plan and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
The program commits to improving financial resilience for those experiencing financial hardship and exclusion.  
Participating organisations co-design a plan with GSM, identifying actions they can take to embed financial inclusion and resilience across their business. The program includes ongoing evaluation and quality assurance to ensure program objectives are achieved.

Our vision is to connect and protect Australians from suicide. 
Activated via: RUOK Day and one million conversations campaign: challenge created to reconnect with loved ones and neighbours 365 days a year #ruok365

Eight week training course, then mentoring support addressing leadership and organisational challenges. Participants learn a revolutionary, collaborative approach to work, including: How to identify the problem, involve relevant stakeholders, and design and facilitate collaborative meetings.

A deep learning and development opportunity for early-stage social ventures, to develop their business models through workshops, mentoring, peer-learning and digital platforms.

Bring people together, through laughter wellness presentations, workshops and training.

Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, which supports young people aged 12-25, going through a tough time via various programs. There are over 100 centres located around Australia and it is funded by the Department of Health and Aging under the Youth Mental Health Initiative Program.

Nabo makes it easy for neighbours to connect with each other and help build community resilience.

Builds resilient communities by empowering young Australian high school students to become change agents and leaders for a better world.

This is an initiative that aims to strengthen Indigenous communities in Queensland by empowering people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Helping to give Australian communities the tools to become more resilient and adapt to climate change

Provides women in developing countries the opportunity to learn to sew, and the equipment and skills they can use to start a small home business.